ECU Remapping UK

Petrol & Diesel Engines

Advanced Tuning consistently ranks in the
top 3 best ECU Remapping UK based companies.

Remapping is a way to improve the power of a car by
making changes to software inside the cars brain or ECU.

Not all Remapping is the same, it can be a mine field.
Experience and technical knowledge is used to provide a
highly researched product that is miles ahead of any of our
competitors, in terms of reliability and value for money.

Furthermore being one of the most experienced UK based
car tuning companies in the industry, we know the limits.
So we never “over tune” an engine over whats recommended.
Simply because this ensures our maps perform well and
as a result, our experience is your insurance policy.

Improvements in both power and performance for
almost every make and model including Audi, BMW,
Ford, Saab, Land Rover, Lexus, Toyota, Volkswagen
to name just a few of our supported vehicles.

ECU Remapping UK

  • Gains of up to 40%
  • Unlikely to effect insurance nowadays
  • Smoother running and throttle response
  • Fuel Economy in Diesel Engine
  • Better overtaking and Speed
  • Better torque, just where you need it
  • Lifetime software warranty
  • Safe for your engine
  • Prices from £249
  • We have a dealer near you

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ECU Remapping Petrol Engines

An Advanced Tuning
ECU Remapping
upgrade will
maximise the
performance and
efficiency of your

ECU Remapping Diesel Engines

These engines offer an
enormous opportunity
for reliable low cost
tuning without
removing any of the
appeal or principle of
buying and running a